The Lich
Portrayed by Glenn Fitzgerald
First appearance The Lich, Part 1
Residence Palm City

Conrad Chandler / The Lich – The son and only heir of one of Palm City founders, William Chandler, and his wife, Greta Chandler,


Born Conrad Chandler, The Lich was born with a skin condition, called "morgellons leiche", (meaning "skin of the dead"), he has a horrifically scared physical appearance, and is insensate to physical pain. According to the Orderlys, Conrad's mother, Greta Chandler, after she gave birth to him, didn't stop screaming for two days after she first saw him. She later abandons him at an asylum, called "The Orchard sanitarium", as an infant, admitted under the name "Ronald Recchand" (an anagram of "Conrad Chandler"), and the Chandler Family's Lawyer helped them to cover-up almost all record of his continued existence, whilst the public is left to believe that the Chandler's had merely suffered from a miscarriage.

After his mother abandoned him as an infant, he was physically abused by the staff repeatedly, (because they knew that he could feel no pain and could get away with it), and were the first to start calling him "The Lich". Over the years, Conrad bided his time, learning, and after gaining access to the sanitarium's supply of drugs, (and learned to make "potions"), slowly took over the sanitarium, enslaving his former tormentors.

As the son of the "Oppenheimer of chemical weapons", Conrad was inspired to develope synthetic neurotoxins that cause paralysis and a deep suggestive state of the mind that slows the vital signs to make a person appear dead. He committed a series of seemingly-supernatural crimes. This leads the police department to dub him "The Lich", a moniker synonymous with "boogeyman", after a file in every Palm City precinct containing unusual or strange cases such as ritual killings, unsolved murders, kidnappings, and cults. Convicts on Owl Island told Rollo about a "psycho" with a face "like a corpse" who hired them to rob a hospital, (he punished them for their failure by removing a finger from each of their hands).

His lifelong goal has been to punish the people responsible for his abandonment, (such as the Chandler Family Lawyer), the people of Palm City, (for being gullible sheep to have believed the lie about his mother's miscarriage), and Peter Fleming, (for trying to take away his birthright).

During his bid for revenge, he becomes fixiated upon 'Carrie Woodhouse'/Orwell, who unwittingly provides him with the proof he needed to legitimize his claim to his family's estate.