Dana Thompson-Faraday
Portrayed by Jennifer Ferrin
First appearance "Pilot"
Residence Palm City
Husband Vince Faraday
Child(ren) Trip Faraday

Dana Faraday is the wife of Vince Faraday and mother of Trip Faraday.


In the Pilot episode, Dana watches her husband apparently die on live television and she becomes a widow and single mother to Trip.

Season 1Edit

As Dana begins to work as an assistant to a public defender, she encounters people who tell her different accounts of what happened the night that Vince "died." At the end of Kozmo, Vince presumably slips her photos from the crime scene where he was first implicated as Chess. She is unaware that Marty Voyt is corrupted, and often goes to him with evidence that can clear her husband, which he uses to clean up loose ends, though is starting to suspect something in Goggles and Hicks.