Season 1, Episode 5
Air date January 31, 2011
Written by Tom Wheeler
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Dice is episode 5 of Season One of The Cape.


Peter and the Corporation prepare to unveil a special device; a young savant targets Peter in order to avenge her father's death, and the Cape faces a difficult task in getting rid of the foe, requiring a new set of skills to deal with her.


The ARK Corporation prepare to unveil a special device that may alter the fate of Palm City. Tracey Jerrod, (aka "Dice") a young savant and inspiration for the device, emerges and targets Chess to avenge her father’s death. Realizing he must keep his enemy alive in order to fully destroy him, Vince suddenly finds himself defending his archnemesis. With the help of the Carnival of Crime, Vince attempts to master new skills and also tries to accept how his choices will affect his wife, Dana, and son, Trip.