Portrayed by Vinnie Jones
First appearance "Pilot"
Occupation Mobster
Residence Palm City

"You see I grew up with nothing. No mom and dad to smooth the way for me. That makes a boy ambitious."

Scales, portrayed by actor Vinnie Jones is a mobster who has worked for Chess and has a freakish skin condition that gives him the appearance of green and gold scales.

In the Pilot, Scales wins in a fight against The Cape, wraps him in chains, and throws him into the ocean, but The Cape survives thanks to his new escape artist skills.

In Scales on a Train, he tries to kill Peter Fleming to take over as the leader of the underworld in Palm City. An all out war is declared between them...


  • He used to be a carnival freak due to his skin, which is why he hates to be caged
  • He has a good memory, stating he never forgets a face.
  • Storyline wise he shares characteristics similar to the DC villain, Killer Croc, from Batman Series. Both grew up as carnival freaks and both had disfigured faces.