Anyone have any ideas for futre episodes and want to share them? Capefan23

Ill start of with a few:

Aparition: The Cape faces a new enemy with the power to vanish like a ghost. But is this new villian a ghost or something more earthly but no less deadly.

The Wheel Turns: When another member of Tarot (The wheel of Fortune) turns up in the city the Cape must face a difficult choice. Unmask in 24 hours or the killer will detonate a boat full of hostages with his wife and son amoung them. Help comes from an unlikly place in the form of Chess; who has a personal score to settle with the killer.

Toxin: When Lich returns and poisons Orwell the Cape must find his own cure or risk turning her over to the madman. Things become more complicated when one of the ingrediants required is a blood sample from a family member. But is Orwell ready to tell the Cape who her father is?

I've got some to:-

Double or Nothing: Dice escapes from Owl Island but this time she is not going after Fleming but instead the whole city.

Temperance: The assasin Temprance is in the city.