Portrayed by Summer Glau
First appearance "Pilot"
Occupation Investigative Blogger
Residence Palm City
Parent(s) Peter Fleming

Orwell is played by Summer Glau.

Character BackgroundEdit

Orwell (real name is Jamie Fleming) is an investigative blogger who wages war on crime and corruption in Palm City. She becomes Vince's ally and helps him on his crusade. Her reasons for doing so are so far unclear, and she seems just as eager as Faraday to remain anonymous and hidden.

Furthermore, she seems to have enough funds to lead a very comfortable lifestyle and is technologically very savvy. She got kidnapped by The Lich (who is locked in Owl Island) but The Cape (Vince Faraday) saves her. In her mind sequence in The Lich Part Two, it is shown she fantasizes about marrying Vince, though it is unknown if this is how she really feels as she was under the influence of heavy narcotics, and could have been using him as a comfort coping mechanism. However after this incident, it would appear she has suffered a breakdown.

Season 1Edit

The Cape

Orwell - Chess's Daughter?

In Kozmo more is revealed about Orwell's background. She calls herself "Julia" when she introduces herself to Max Malini although that could easily be an alias. It's suggested that she could be Peter Fleming's daughter (estranged or otherwise) and that he is searching for her.


  • Her Alias, is most likely based off George Orwell, a writer who was well known for his awareness of social injustice whom opposed totalitarianism.