Season 1, Episode 3
Air date Jan 17, 2011
Written by Craig Titley
Directed by David Jackson
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Scales on a Train


The back story of where The Cape came from and how Max came to possess it is revealed in Kozmo. The Cape seems to have some psychic properties as it can enhance the strength of the wearer depending on their emotional states.

The previous owners of the Cape includes Max and those came to be collectively known as "Kozmo." Most used it for criminal activities, and Vince Faraday is the first one to wear the Cape for noble reasons. Max even assures him that Vince is not Kozmo, and that the line of Kozmo will die with him.

Another villain, Gregor the Unkillable comes for the Cape since Max promised it to him many years back. One of the greatest escape artists and a psychotic killer, he wants the Cape at all costs and almost kills Max, Orwell and other members of the circus to obtain it. Gregor is a throwback to many recognizable villains in comics, such as Two-Face and even Gambit from X-men.

Although Gregor manages to take the Cape from Vince, the latter is able to use Gregor's hatred against him and knocks him out using the Cape.

Meanwhile, Peter Fleming is shown searching for a mysterious woman; although not mentioned, he has a music box with a ballerina and it's highly suggested that Orwell is his missing daughter.