Max Malini
Portrayed by Keith David
First appearance "Pilot"
Occupation Circus ringleader

Max Malini is the leader of the criminal circus gang the "Carnival of Crime" whose members all live underground. He is portrayed by actor Keith David.


Max and his gang are professional robbers and expert theifs. They save Vince Faraday when he was on the run after being framed as Chess. Vince convinces Max to let him join their crusade against Ark Industries by giving Max his master key, an access card to the banks. Max in return helps him to become the Cape and mentors him in fighting with magic against Peter Fleming by teaching him 37 vanishing illusions that use the cape...

Favorite LinesEdit

  • "I specialize in the impossible!"
  • "You give me your soul, Vince Faraday, and I'll make you the greatest circus act that ever lived."