Peter Fleming
Peter Fleming
Portrayed by James Frain
First appearance "Pilot"
Also Known As Chess
Occupation CEO, Businessman, Mechanical Engineer, Criminal
Residence Palm City
Child(ren) Jamie Fleming

Character BiographyEdit

Peter Fleming is the billionaire CEO of Ark Industries with a secret identity known as Chess. He is a criminal mastermind, serial killer, expert hand-to-hand combatant, and is skilled with firearms.He's also responsible for various crimes, including multiple murders. In public Fleming is a jovial, philanthropic billionaire who seems to desire a safer Palm City. As Chess his personality is considerably different, presented as a maniacal, bordering sociopathic criminal.

Fleming's goals thus far seem to be to turn Palm City into a private police state with Ark Industries at its helm. He is also responsible for framing Vince Faraday for the murders that he himself committed.

While he is 'Chess' he appears to wear novelty contact lenses with knight chess piece prints.

Peter Fleming is mentally ill and Chess is merely a manifestation of multiple-personality disorder. Peter regularly seeks treatment from a psychiatrist and suppresses his darker nature with varied success. Peter expresses concern for the sadism that Chess exhibits and is mindful of the potential harm he may prove to be for himself and to an extent those around him. In episode 9 when his therapist tells him to let Chess out so he can talk with him, Fleming becomes fearful saying Chess hates these sessions and will hurt the doctor. Though not always privy to the information Chess acquires, he is prudent as not to misplace his trust with those who have dealings with Chess.

It is implied in Episode 9 that Peter's mental condition has afflicted him for much of his life has his psyciatrist notes they have known each other since Peter was a boy. In the course of the series, it is also revealed that despite his hatred for his other, the two used to be "friends" until Chess started getting stronger and more violent. Peter's therapist notes again that Peter seems more afraid of being without Chess than him; with Fleming admitting that while Chess is a monster he has always had his back.