Season 1, Episode 1
Air date January 9th, 2011
Written by Tom Wheeler
Directed by Simon West
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In The Cape, Vince Faraday is one of the few uncorrupt cops in the fictional metropolis of Palm City. With the police force in disarray after the murder of their Chief by the mysterious villain Chess, Palm City's police force is poised to become a private enterprise owned by Ark Industries.

The Chairman and CEO of Ark Industries, Peter Fleming, is quickly revealed to be Chess, and he frames Faraday for the murder of the Chief, aided by Marty Voyt a friend of Faraday's who is employed under Fleming. In the ensuing manhunt for innocent Faraday, forcibly disguised as Chess, Faraday is assumed dead and all of Palm City, excluding his wife Dana and his son Trip, now believe him to be Chess.

Faraday manages to elude authorities and is taken in by a criminal circus organization led by Max Malini who teaches him to fight using the magic of the black cape. Faraday assumes the role of The Cape, modeled after his son's favorite comic superhero, to prove that there are good people in the city.

Also aiding Faraday is a mysterious investigative blogger named Orwell who wages war on the crime and corruption in Palm City. When Max get kidnapped by Chess and his henchman Scales, The Cape goes to his rescue and in the process thwarts an L-9 detonation.

In the closing scene, Vince visits his son as The Cape and tells him that his father is an innocent man and that one day they will be reunited.