Raimonde LeFleur
Portrayed by Raza Jaffrey
First appearance Tarot
Also Known As Cain
Occupation Assassin

Cain is a member of a secret society of assassins known as Tarot. Each member of the Tarot is symbolized by a trademark tarot card; Cain's is The Tower. Cain's role in society is the poisons expert; in his first fight with The Cape, he nearly kills Vince with a poisoned blade. His real name is Raimonde Lefleur and he is actually a trained chef. He has a vambrace on his arm that releases a blade for Cain to use, similar to the ones worn in Assassins Creed.

In the episode Tarot he is hired by Peter Fleming to take out the Secretary of Prisons but is taken out by Vince and Orwell. The Cape also scarred him by placing his face on a hot cooking grill.


  • The original Cain from the biblical story of Cain and Able killed his brother. Cain from the Cape has stated that he killed his whole family in cold blood. Quite a similarity.