Orwell is recovering from her encounter with the Lich and his toxin but the futre of her mental state is in question. Meanwhile Flemming and Scales attempt to reach a mutal agreement over territory only for Chess to abruply return to Peter; revealing that Flemming suffers from Dissoiative Identy disorder

Keeping Chess restrained for the moment he able to broker a deal that risks the Carnival. Rolo is later attacked has warning that Scales and his men are moving in on the Carnival's territory. While Max tries to be diplomatic, Vince gose undercover has an enegmatic bomber called the Razer to infultrate and undermine Scales' gang.

At the same time Flemming seeks the aid of his psychiatrist, Samuel to deal with Chess. Concerned with Chess's growing strength which Peter attributes to Chess' desire for conflict with the Cape, Samuel tells Flemming to delibretly let Cess out. Since Samuel has known Peter for so long he knows how to approch Chess and is unafraid by the murderer's threats. Through barganing he is able to get Chess to quite for a time but Peter warns that if Samuel has been dishobest with either of them the cost will be dire.

By the end of the episode it is becoming more clear that Orwell's mental state may be taking the same turn has her fathers