Season 1, Episode 2
Air date January 9, 2011
Written by Tom Wheeler
Directed by Deran Serafian
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As Peter Fleming prepares to take over the prisons in Palm City only the Secretary of Prisons stands in his way. Fleming hires Cain, a member of an Assassin Order named Tarot, to take out the Secretary, Patrick Portman.

When Vince Faraday breaks into Fleming's private residence to hack into his computers, he is attacked and poisoned by Cain. As Orwell rescues him she catches a glimpse of a Tarot card on Cain's forearm and realizes that he is part of Tarot.

Max Malini and other members of the circus heal Vince back to health but urge him to retire the Cape and escape with him family.

Later, Fleming makes his move to take Portman out by inviting him to a restaurant with Cain inserting poison into Portman's food. Orwell is also at the restaurant where Cain recognizes her and attacks her in the kitchen, but she is saved by Faraday, who has learned enough knife-catching to defeat Cain and tie him up. As Fleming runs into the kitchen, he catches Faraday vanishing and anticipates their next encounter; meanwhile Portman refuses to pass Fleming's request to privatize the prisons.


  • Tarot cards are a machinism used by seers to "fortell" the future.
  • On Flemmings computer there is a picture of himself with a young girl; this is the first hint that Flemming has a daughter and also a connection to Orwell.