"Never heared of them"

"That's because officially they dont exist" Orwell describing Tarrot.

Tarrot is a highly secretive and elite group of assasins made up of the deadliest killers in the world.


Tarrot is made up of killer's who according to Orwell are of the highest calibar and proffesion. Due to the secretive nature of the group few people know the identities of all members of the orginization or the "Masters"; the mysterious handlers of the group. All members are given a tattoo of one of the major arcane cards making it possible that the group is made up of 21 killers.

Each member spesialises is a spesific means of killing. For example Cain also known as the Tower is an expert at poisons while Goggles and Hicks (The Chariot) specialise in explosives.