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The Cape is a superhero drama series created by Tom Wheeler and included as part of the midseason line-up on NBC .

It premiered with a two hour pilot episode, which aired on January 9 2011. A repeat viewing the following evening at the same time would see The Cape moved to its regular timeslot - 9.00pm EST/PST on Mondays.

The show takes place in fictional metropolis Palm City and tells the story of Vince Faraday, a family man and former police officer, who disappears, and is presumed dead, after being framed for a crime he didn’t commit.

Unknown to the people of Palm City, including his wife Dana and son Trip, he is the true identity behind vigilant crime fighter The Cape.

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  • Simon West
  • Gail Berman
  • Lloyd Braun
  • Gene Stein
  • Tom Wheeler


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  • Bear McReary

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