The Lich Part 2
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date Feb 21, 2011
Written by Tom Wheeler
Directed by Karen Gaviola
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Orwell has been kidnapped by The Lich and sedated by his neurotoxin drug. The Lich puts her in a wedding gown and start planning for church bells.

Orwell, however, is planning her own wedding -- her dream nuptials, you might say, since The Lich's drug has put her into a kind of waking coma. So while in reality she's enduring a nightmarish courting, in her head she's hallucinating an alternate life where she's marrying none other than Vince.

We learn that Orwell goes by the name Carrie Woodhouse and that she lives in the state of Nowhere, USA. That is, her driver's license lists her name and address, including Palm City and a zip code… but no state.

And then, in dreamland, Vince calls Orwell "Jamie". So the license is a fake and she's dreaming her real name? But wait… later Vince says he's "going after Julia."

In a big revolation in the dream world it is revealed that Orwell is actualy Fleming's long lost daughter when the ARK head arrives to give her away at the wedding. Orwell demands he leave her alone but Fleming reminds her that it dosent matter who she marries and that she "cant run away from you genes" .

Back in reality, Vince and the Carnival are doing their best to track down Orwell. Vince, as The Cape, meets up with his wife and enlists her help in finding his missing partner. We get a hint that she might who's really under that mask...