Trip Faraday
Portrayed by Ryan Wynott
First appearance "Pilot"
Residence Palm City
Parent(s) Vince Faraday - Father
Dana Faraday - Mother

Trip Faraday is the young son of Vince Faraday and Dana Faraday.


In the Pilot, Trip bonds with his father through boxing and bedtime reading of his favorite comic book The Cape. Trip is watching television in the kitchen when live news footage shows the police chasing Chess. Both Trip and Dana are stunned to hear that Vince is purported to be Chess. They both watch a massive explosion that apparently kills Vince.

Vince's love for his son and wife is both his greatest strength and greatest weakness- he cannot return to them as Vince Faraday because he knows Peter Fleming will have them killed. Vince's decides to take on the vigilante persona of The Cape in order to send Trip a message- to inspire him and let him know that Palm City is not all corrupt and that "one man can make a difference."

He is going to school, where the students bully him for being the son of "Chess".