The Cape
Portrayed by David Lyons
First appearance "Pilot"
Occupation Vigilante
Former cop
Residence Palm City
Wife Dana Faraday
Child(ren) Trip Faraday

Vince Faraday is a former cop, also known as the hooded vigilante the Cape, the main protagonist and hero of the series.


When we first meet Vince, he's an uncorrupt police officer amidst a corrupt police force in the metropolis of Palm City. It is because of his benevolent nature and his reluctance to support the potential privatization of the Palm City police force that Peter Fleming decides he must get rid of him. When Vince goes to investigate one of Ark Industries train shipments, he discovers they are illegally transporting the deadly chemical weapon known as L-9 (referred to as a WMD). But his friend and fellow officer Marty Voyt has set him up and he's captured by Peter Fleming, who reveals that he's the secret identity of Chess, Palm City's arch villain.

Peter Fleming puts the mask that Chess wears on Vince and lets him run, thereby framing him for secret identity of Chess and for the murder of the Police Chief of Palm City. While on the run with reporters filming live, it appears to all that Vince is killed in a massive explosion, but he has actually escaped the blast via a sewage grate. He's rescued by Max Malini, the leader of the "Carnival of Crime", a ragtag band of bank robbers in disguise as circus performers, who informs him that he can't return to his old life or wife and child will face retribution from Chess aka Peter Fleming. ("Pilot")

While rummaging through the circus props, Vince comes across a black cape that used to belong to the greatest escape artist of all time, a Russian named Kozmo. The cape is made of spider silk and is "stronger than kevlar but thinner than filament." Vince dons the cape and in return for joining the fight against Peter Fleming and Ark Industries, Max agrees to teach him the circuscraft. He becomes proficient in boxing, wrestling, knife catching & throwing, hypnosis, escapology, funambulism, stage illusions, and in some acrobatics, which help him duplicate the extraordinary powers of his comic namesake.These efforts are further aided by the unique cape given to him by Max Malini, which had been specifically designed for these illusions; (his training included emphasis on all thirty-seven illusions involving a cape).

Trivia Edit

  • It is a possibility that "the Cape" might be a reference to the legend of Robin Hood.
  • Both The Cape and Batman started out as hooded vigilantes before they were accepted as heroes.